Do you sanitize your stations?


Yes, we wipe down all stations during our opening routine, after each use and during our closing routine with lysol wipes. We also spray lysol on all surfaces that are touched during our opening/closing routines.


When should I arrive for my Booking?


  • FREE-ROAM ARENA, Please arrive 15-30 Mins before-hand.


What should I Wear?


Please wear comfortable clothing. This is an Active Activity which will require you to move around. Anything restrictive may hold back your experience. 


Where are you located? 


We are located in Livingston Mall, NJ on the Lower Level in front of MACY'S.

112 Eisenhower Parkway, Livingston, NJ 07039


What are your Hours?


  • TUE - 2PM-8PM
  • WED - 2PM-8PM
  • THU - 2PM-8PM
  • FRI - 2PM-9PM
  • SAT - 2PM-9PM
  • SUN - 2PM-6PM


Do I need a consent form to play?


Yes, you can find our consent form here “SIGN YOUR CONCENT FORM”


What does my time consist of?


Each booking includes maximum play time. We DO NOT include set up time in your booking.


What is your minimum age requirement?


8 years old without a Parent or Guardian assistance. 5 years old with a Parent or Guardian present at ALL times.


Can I wear Glasses?


Yes! Our headsets allow for Glasses. if you need glasses to see clearly, we recommend using them during game play.


Do you have Birthday Packages?


Yes, please see BIRTHDAY PARTY PACKAGES page.


What is BelieVR Bank & Save?


Our Bank & Save option allows you to purchase a BULK load of time to use at your liesure. Please view "BelieVR Bank & Save" for more information.


Can I only play one game?


During your booking with us, you may switch in and out of games that's located at your station as much as you want until your time has expired.


How do people avoid hitting each other? or a wall?


In the Multiplayer Games you are able to see your partners or adversaries in Virtual Form. With IR Illuminators and Markings on the surfaces, our tracking was increased to ensure a safe environment. Walls are not an issue as we do not have walls within the play space and a safe distance away from the play space.


Will I get Motion Sickness?


Even though we do not experience motion sickness in our players often, it is possible. If you get motion sickness easily, please alert staff and our team will recommend games to you. All games that provide Teleport, Room Scale or Free Roam has an extremely low motion sickness rate. 


I would like to Book for an Event!


Please Click Here


How Many People can Play?


  • Open Play Stations (Up to 8 Players). Please ask staff about our Games & Multiplayer Options.
  • Free Roam Arena (2-4 Players).
  • 360 Motion Chair Simulators (Up to 2 Players)

Can we take Photos & Videos?


Yes! We encourage you to take as many photos and videos as you would like. We also have a Back Drop for photo-taking.


Any questions?

You can contact us by email or phone! Please see our Contact Page. We will be happy to assist you.